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Hello, I am Sam... And I enjoy drawing when I have inspiration. Otherwise, I hate it. I would say that art is not my biggest priority in life, but I consider it a big part of my life. My true passion is music, and I hope to master my goals.

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InfectedSpirit's News

Posted by InfectedSpirit - December 21st, 2010

http://tonoma.deviantart.com/ I don't post my art here anymore so if you want to see some click on the link.

Posted by InfectedSpirit - December 12th, 2010

How long has it been sense I've been gone? Heh heh. Sorry I've forgotten about this site. I've just been addicted to dA recently. So... Yea... I'm back?... ^ _ ^"

Posted by InfectedSpirit - November 3rd, 2010

I was just asked to be someone's girlfriend and I of course don't want to have any part in a relationship yet, and guess what? It's one of my best friends! Happy days! Bye bye Dylan. It was nice know you...

Posted by InfectedSpirit - October 30th, 2010

The reason I have that as my mood, is because I feel beaten by hatred and... And pity...I mean, I'm not stupid! You don't have to treat me as if I were... I can handle myself... Sure, I "forget" every once in awhile, but I guess my tone makes you think I mean it as if it were a math problem and it's the simplest of a problem... And, Just because I'm sick, doesn't mean I'm sick for LIFE... And spending 30 minutes next to a mild coughing girl will kill you...? Maybe it isn't even about the coughing and sneezing... Maybe that's just an excuse for you... And homework... And organization... And, and... Yea... I got a loner clarinet... And my mom is going to waste 200 more dollars on ANOTHER instrument for me... And this is ALL school related... Now I know why people complain about school all the time...

Posted by InfectedSpirit - October 21st, 2010

I feel like everything I do makes everything worse... I completely messed up Safari so I can't post my art on Mozilla Firefox for some reason so... No new stuff for a while... And no one has found my clarinet yet...

Edit: I forgot to mention, my mom deleted my awesome art program so no more art for a LONG time...

Edit edit: My scanner doesn't work either... So no art for forever?...

Posted by InfectedSpirit - October 19th, 2010

Where's my clarinet?! No presents for Christmas nor my Birthday if I have lost it... TT~TT It cost 200 f-ing dollars! Wish me luck that my school will find it... Or that I'll find it... Or that ANYONE will find it...!

Posted by InfectedSpirit - October 18th, 2010

Can't find my clarinet... Where would you suggest it be? Lol, why am I asking you this? x3 I think I may know where it is, but just in case... D:

Posted by InfectedSpirit - October 17th, 2010

Yayyyy! I got an art program that works perfectly for me!!!! I love it! And it's free and for macintosh!!! *Squealllll!* Be prepared for epicly epic art! x3 I'm still getting used to it though so.... It's not very complicated (Which I like) So they're not gonna be spectacular like lots of other peoples artwork. But, It's SO much better than a paper, pencil, and scanner. Oh yea! And I got a pen tablet! My mom won't let me use it though until I get my grades up... Isn't a C an average?... Meh, whatever. I bet you can't guess which grade I'm "failing" (I'm not really failing, it's a C) in... Art... Hah hah! Irony!!! xD Anyway... I'm so stoked!!! :D (No meaningless comments please)

Posted by InfectedSpirit - October 16th, 2010

I feel like such a noob! (Mainly because I am) I haven't received an comments on my art! I guess I'm thinking that every art place is like DeviantART... I miss that site... Anyway, it would be nice to be noticed one in a while... Heh heh... I really am a noob. AHHHHHHG! Now here's a failed picture I drew of one of my OC's... InvaderZEN...

Agh! Noob!!!

Posted by InfectedSpirit - October 5th, 2010

... I dunno why I'm happy... B3 But... I... LIKE IT!!!!!!! >:D Now here's an awesome picture... :3