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2010-12-21 19:49:13 by InfectedSpirit I don't post my art here anymore so if you want to see some click on the link.

Woah. What happened?

2010-12-12 15:04:03 by InfectedSpirit

How long has it been sense I've been gone? Heh heh. Sorry I've forgotten about this site. I've just been addicted to dA recently. So... Yea... I'm back?... ^ _ ^"

I was just asked to be someone's girlfriend and I of course don't want to have any part in a relationship yet, and guess what? It's one of my best friends! Happy days! Bye bye Dylan. It was nice know you...

The flaws of school...

2010-10-30 22:12:21 by InfectedSpirit

The reason I have that as my mood, is because I feel beaten by hatred and... And pity...I mean, I'm not stupid! You don't have to treat me as if I were... I can handle myself... Sure, I "forget" every once in awhile, but I guess my tone makes you think I mean it as if it were a math problem and it's the simplest of a problem... And, Just because I'm sick, doesn't mean I'm sick for LIFE... And spending 30 minutes next to a mild coughing girl will kill you...? Maybe it isn't even about the coughing and sneezing... Maybe that's just an excuse for you... And homework... And organization... And, and... Yea... I got a loner clarinet... And my mom is going to waste 200 more dollars on ANOTHER instrument for me... And this is ALL school related... Now I know why people complain about school all the time...


2010-10-21 19:41:28 by InfectedSpirit

I feel like everything I do makes everything worse... I completely messed up Safari so I can't post my art on Mozilla Firefox for some reason so... No new stuff for a while... And no one has found my clarinet yet...

Edit: I forgot to mention, my mom deleted my awesome art program so no more art for a LONG time...

Edit edit: My scanner doesn't work either... So no art for forever?...


2010-10-19 17:44:21 by InfectedSpirit

Where's my clarinet?! No presents for Christmas nor my Birthday if I have lost it... TT~TT It cost 200 f-ing dollars! Wish me luck that my school will find it... Or that I'll find it... Or that ANYONE will find it...!


2010-10-18 17:22:41 by InfectedSpirit

Can't find my clarinet... Where would you suggest it be? Lol, why am I asking you this? x3 I think I may know where it is, but just in case... D:

Yayyyy! I got an art program that works perfectly for me!!!! I love it! And it's free and for macintosh!!! *Squealllll!* Be prepared for epicly epic art! x3 I'm still getting used to it though so.... It's not very complicated (Which I like) So they're not gonna be spectacular like lots of other peoples artwork. But, It's SO much better than a paper, pencil, and scanner. Oh yea! And I got a pen tablet! My mom won't let me use it though until I get my grades up... Isn't a C an average?... Meh, whatever. I bet you can't guess which grade I'm "failing" (I'm not really failing, it's a C) in... Art... Hah hah! Irony!!! xD Anyway... I'm so stoked!!! :D (No meaningless comments please)

Agh! Noob!!!

2010-10-16 13:18:23 by InfectedSpirit

I feel like such a noob! (Mainly because I am) I haven't received an comments on my art! I guess I'm thinking that every art place is like DeviantART... I miss that site... Anyway, it would be nice to be noticed one in a while... Heh heh... I really am a noob. AHHHHHHG! Now here's a failed picture I drew of one of my OC's... InvaderZEN...

Agh! Noob!!!


2010-10-05 18:16:54 by InfectedSpirit

... I dunno why I'm happy... B3 But... I... LIKE IT!!!!!!! >:D Now here's an awesome picture... :3