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2010-10-19 17:44:21 by InfectedSpirit

Where's my clarinet?! No presents for Christmas nor my Birthday if I have lost it... TT~TT It cost 200 f-ing dollars! Wish me luck that my school will find it... Or that I'll find it... Or that ANYONE will find it...!


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2010-10-19 17:48:59

It ran away.

InfectedSpirit responds:

Most likely... x(


2010-10-19 17:59:35

That sucks, I would buy you a Christmas and birthday present if I had money. Unless you find your clarinet.


2010-10-19 18:10:55

Damn, I'm sorry.


2010-10-19 23:00:23

Don't worry. It will either turn up or your friend will buy the replacement.

InfectedSpirit responds:

Heh heh. Too bad I have no friends... My mom says I have to have a clarinet so if it doesn't show up then she's buying me a new one... Which means NO presents...