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2010-10-21 19:41:28 by InfectedSpirit

I feel like everything I do makes everything worse... I completely messed up Safari so I can't post my art on Mozilla Firefox for some reason so... No new stuff for a while... And no one has found my clarinet yet...

Edit: I forgot to mention, my mom deleted my awesome art program so no more art for a LONG time...

Edit edit: My scanner doesn't work either... So no art for forever?...


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2010-10-21 20:48:49

My back is bleeding pus.

InfectedSpirit responds:

Thank you for realizing that my life isn't even the slightest bit important to you lifeless morons... I understand I'm being a whiny bitch but sometimes the littlest things need the littlest bit of love and attention... And I don't get much of that but I'm more thankful than it seems... Sorry for your misfortunes?...


2010-10-22 19:11:37

what was the programs name?
and eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrmmmm have you heard?

InfectedSpirit responds:

I can't remember... And have I ever heard what?...


2010-10-26 06:40:33

Things look bad but stay optimistic. :D